Every day has its rewards for Yvonne
June 1, 2017
Growth Continues for Volunteering Gold Coast Inc.
June 27, 2017

Ingeborg Heimes proves it’s never too late to keep active and involved in the community during retirement. At 81 years young, Ingeborg volunteers as a carer with Volunteering Gold Coast Transport Services.

“I have been volunteering as a carer with Volunteering Gold Coast Transport Services for four and a half years. In my role I help our aged clients get in and out of vehicles and provide whatever assistance they need during trips and social outings,” she explained.

Volunteering Gold Coast Transport Services offers a fleet of branded cars and buses that provide community transport solutions for people with a disability and the elderly, assisting clients to attend medical appointments, social visits and shopping trips. Carers accompany drivers as they transport clients to social outings. Relying heavily on a volunteer workforce, Volunteering Gold Coast Transport Services had a role available as a carer, and Ingeborg quickly became an integral part of the team.

For Ingeborg, the value she offers to the community is returned in the personal satisfaction she receives from her role.

“I am happy to be of service to those in need, it is beneficial for both me and the client, I enjoy being with people,” she explained.

Ingeborg encourages anyone considering volunteering to take the next step.

“I heard about volunteering through friends and I love it. I encourage everyone thinking of volunteering to go ahead and do it, it is very rewarding,” she explained.

Ingeborg was recognised last month with the peer-nominated Pass the Baton award for her dedication and passion. Her fellow volunteers recognised the important contribution Inge makes to the overall success of the department, and she received a gift certificate for her efforts.

For more information visit our Become a Volunteer page.

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