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Volunteer Rights and Responsibilities

Just like a paid employee each volunteer has rights and responsibilities, these include:  

Volunteer Rights

  • A job description clearly stating the aim of the job and tasks to be undertaken
  • A suitable assignment with consideration for personal preference, temperament, abilities, education and employment background
  • Be treated as a co-worker - not just free help
  • Know as much about the organisation as possible, its policies, its people and its programs
  • Continuing education on the job as follow-up to initial training, information about new developments
  • Training for the job, thoughtfully planned and effectively presented
  • Sound guidance and direction by someone who is experienced and well informed and who has the time to invest in giving support and supervision
  • A place to work which is orderly, designed for the purpose, conducive to work and worthy of the job to be done
  • A safe and healthy work environment and appropriate insurance cover for injuries and accidents
  • Promotion and variety of experience through advancement to greater responsibilities or by transfer from one activity to another
  • Be heard. To have a part in planning, to feel free to make suggestions, to be shown respect for an honest opinion

Volunteer Responsibilities

  • Examine motives and be sure that they match the voluntary job
  • Understand the purpose and philosophy of the organisation before committing to it
  • Understand rules and guidelines of the organisation, including workplace health and safety requirements
  • Be loyal to the organisation
  • Be willing to train for the job and take part in ongoing training when offered
  • Accept support and supervision
  • Participate in planning and feedback about the job
  • Be reliable
  • Work as a team member
  • Keep information confidential

(Click here) for an overview of volunteers' rights and some important points for volunteers to check off with their organisation before volunteering.

(Click here) to veiw Definitions & Principles of Volunteering.


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