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Tips for Volunteers:

Like everything else in life the more you know about something, the more interesting it becomes and the easier it is to understand and contribute in a meaningful way. Volunteering offers so many different and unique opportunities to be a part of the community and to give in so many ways. Before you embark on your volunteering experience decide what interests you and find out as much as you can about the options that are available:

Research the causes and/or issues important to you:

  • Locate the organisations and/or groups that support the issues you feel passionate about
  • Investigate their core values and read their mission statements
  • Determine if the organisations' and/or groups' values and activities align with your views and ideas

Use your skills:

  • Teaching, Driving, Administration and Retail are just some of the core skills community organisations need
  • Reflect on your existing skills, how you could use them and how they may benefit others

Learn new skills:

  • Consider some new skills you would like to gain from your volunteering experiences
  • New skills can be included in your resume and applied in future work experiences
  • Volunteering can also expand your social and professional networks

Combine your goals:

  • Find opportunities that can contribute to your current goals
  • For example if your goal is to stay active consider volunteer positions that include health and fitness and the outdoors

Volunteer as a Family:

  • Consider participating as a group in short or long-term event volunteer positions  
  • Volunteering with family and friends has shown to help people stay committed and excited about volunteering

Avoid over-committing your schedule:

  • Organisations require different levels of commitment for certain types of roles
  • Consider the amount of time you are able to commit to without exhausting yourself or losing interest
  • It is important to discuss your availability candidly with the organisation you are considering joining

Non-profits have questions too:

  • It is important to be placed in a position with an organisation that is best suited to your skills, interests and values
  • You will be asked to fill out a Volunteer Application, describing your qualifications, work experience, interests and skills
  • You will also be required to attend a Placement Interview which is conducted in a similar way to a paid job interview
  • This will assist both you and the organisation in determining which position is best suited to you

Remember to:

  • Be yourself, bring your enthusiasm and sense of humour to your volunteer service - it will be appreciated
  • Be proud about joining the thousands of existing volunteers - all helping to make a positive difference

Discover the possibilities and enjoy your journey.

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