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Organisation Rights & Responsibilities

Organisation Rights

  • Receive as much effort and service from an unpaid worker as a paid one, even on a short-term basis.
  • Expect conscientious acceptance of responsibilities as to promptness, reliability and good performance.
  • Expect enthusiasm and belief in the work the organisation is doing.
  • Express opinions about poor volunteer effort in a diplomatic way and suggest a change to another job.
  • Make a decision as to where the volunteer would best fit.
  • Expect from the volunteer clear and open communication at all times.
  • Expect loyalty to the agency and only constructive criticism.
  • Expect from volunteers given leadership responsibilities, effective work productivity.
  • Release an undesirable volunteer, where it is clear that the volunteer is not suitable for the position.

Organisation Responsibilities

  • Plan the volunteer program before recruiting volunteers.
  • Recruit, interview and select the right volunteer for the right job.
  • Provide written job descriptions and procedures for volunteer jobs.
  • Orientate volunteers by providing information about the organisations purpose, structure, programs, policies and procedures.
  • Provide initial training and ongoing training and feedback sessions
  • Include volunteers in decision making where decisions affect volunteers' work.
  • Keep records of each volunteer's goals, training and feedback sessions.
  • Communicate clear expectations and provide the appropriate support and supervision for volunteers.
  • Formally and informally recognise each volunteer's effects in the organisation. Continually evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of volunteers in the organisation.
  • Provide a safe and healthy workplace with appropriate insurance cover for volunteers.

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