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Frequently Asked Questions

Are volunteers covered for insurance?

Volunteering Gold Coast ensures that member organisations have adequate insurance before referring volunteers. All volunteers should be covered by their organisation's insurance. Check with your organisation to find out what the process is.

Are volunteers reimbursed for expenses?

This depends on the organisation and their current financial circumstances. However, some organisations do reimburse volunteers for expenses such as petrol costs for using their own vehicles, or phone call costs that have incurred on behalf of the organisation. Before volunteering, it is important to discover whether or not the organisation covers these costs.

Why are police checks and blue cards important?

It is necessary for checks to be conducted for some volunteering positions, particularly for those who are working with the elderly, people with disabilities, or children. In these instances, Police checks / Blue Cards are required to ensure that the volunteer has been certified or given clearance to work with these demographics. Contact us to find out more.

Do I need specific skills to be a volunteer?

Volunteering is diverse in opportunities so the skills needed are dependant on the type of volunteering role that is being considered. Volunteering Gold Coast / Volunteering Services Australia will match your skills and interests with a suitable role that best utilises your current skills and allows you to develop new skills.

*Prior to searching for avaliable volunteering postions, It isrecommended that you identify your existing skills and any skills you would like to develop. This will assist you and our organisation to establish the most fitting volunteer role for you.  View our Tips for Volunteers to help you get started.

Is there an age limit for volunteers?

In general, volunteering is not age specific nor is there a globally determined age limit to volunteering. However, age limitations or restrictions often depend on the type of volunteer position and/or are specified in policies that may exclude people of certian ages.


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