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Volunteering Gold Coast encourages all staff and external clients to openly communicate and provide compliments, suggestions for improvement and feedback to assist us to maintain a high stardard of services. (For the purposes of this policy all references to 'staff' includes both paid and volunteer members of the organisation).


The purpose of this document is to provide an avenue through which staff members and external clients can recognise and make compliments, suggest improvements and / or provide constructive feedback about a member of our staff or services .


  • To ensure that all staff and clients have the right to make a compliment, suggestion for improvement or feedback if they have / have not received an appropriate service or service standards
  • To ensure that all who make valid suggestions receive a timely response (if requested) and every endeavour is made to improve the situation reasonably and fairly
  • Pass the details on to the parties concerned
  • Keep a record of your compliment, suggestion or feedback, and
  • To use the experience as an opportunity for the organisation's continuous improvement. 


Volunteering Gold Coast Inc. welcomes and encourages valid verbal and / or written compliments, suggestions or feedback and recognises that it is through this process that improvements in services and service delivery may be achieved.

Volunteering Gold Coast Inc. emphasises the importance of clear and professional communication at all times with staff and clients. This involves listening to all, understanding their requirements, clearly explaining the services offered and keeping them well informed.

Giving a compliment

If you compliment a specific staff member or team, we make sure your compliment is passed on so that they can be recognised for their service to you. If you compliment a service we pass your feedback onto the appropriate Supervisor to help them focus on what works well.

Making a suggestion for improvement or providing feedback

Your suggestions for improvement / feedback helps us to maintain a high standard of service and provide services that satisfy your needs.

Form and Compliments Register

Click  Compliment, Suggestion and Feedback Form FORM026 to download. Please fill and submit this form to ensure that any matters are documented, recorded in the Compliments Register and receive prompt attention.

No staff member or client will be intimidated or unfairly treated in any respect if they utilise this Policy to raise a compliment, suggestion for improvement or provide feedback on a staff member and / or service.

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