Community Transport and the NDIS

Community transport is a key enabler of participation, recreational and social inclusion, and citizenship of people living with a disability.

Under the NDIS, Volunteering Gold Coast Transport Services has developed new and innovative transport services to meet the needs and preferences of NDIS Participants. This includes:

  • A large fleet of vehicles, from sedans to 12-seat buses;
  • Customisations to include wheelchair accessibility and ease of access (including service animals);
  • The cheapest transport rates in the market;
  • Door to door pickup, not just curb to curb;
  • Trained and professional drivers with full security screening;
  • A centralised bookings and scheduling team to make sure that your transport is well organised and dependable.

We have been providing community transport for people living with a disability for over 16 years. This is our specialty.

This All Sounds Great - But What Exactly Do We Do?

If you require support to get from one place to another, we:

  • Find out what support you require to ensure that you can participate fully within your community;
  • Arrange things for you that you require, such as:
    • A modified/adaptive vehicle (for example, wheelchair accessibility, support animal-friendly, and so on)
    • A trained driver and other support staff;
    • Alternative options if your NDIS funding package is insufficient to meet your needs
  • Talk with you other service providers, including core and capacity building providers, support coordinators and plan managers to create a network of supports to make sure that your transport is well organised and coordinated;
  • Provide a higher level of service and one based on courtesy – this means that we don’t meet you on the footpath, instead we meet you at the door, help you with your bags, take an interest in what you like and how you like to be supported;
  • Can also support you to have full time and permanent access to your own customised/ modified vehicle – which you keep and which you can use whenever you like. We provide drivers and support staff where required to ensure that you can use the vehicle whenever you like;
  • Can also support you to link with other people who require transport and help you to use the vehicle to create your own micro-business.

Assistance with Daily Life

Our NDIS services include providing support for NDIS participants to maintain their home environment, and to live as autonomously as possible. These services include:

  • Assistance with personal domestic activities
  • House and/or yard maintenance
  • Home cleaning and other household activities

Accessing Our Services

We take a personalised approach – we want to talk with you and learn how best to work with you to meet your needs and preferences. So, all you need to do is call or email us. We will then:

  • Ask you some basic questions such as your name and address;
  • Ask you about what transport supports you have now, and what you would like into the future;
  • Provide you with a quote;
  • Find out whether you have an NDIS plan and/ or whether you would like to be a social enterprise owner;
  • Find out about your current core/ capacity supports provider, and ask your permission to speak with them. This helps us to be able to coordinate your transport;
  • We will go through some paperwork with you – this will be a Service Agreement if you’re an NDIS participant, or a rental agreement if you want to start your own micro-business/social enterprise.

To Book Our Services

To book any of these services, please call us on (07)5526 5288 or send us an enquiry here

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