Chance encounter turns into new career
June 3, 2016

The former painter and decorator Jack Conn is one of many Gold Coast residents who volunteers his time to provide transport services for elderly and frail people in the community.

Mr Conn is a volunteer driver for Volunteering Gold Coast Transport Services, a growing not-for-profit organisation that provides community transport services for eligible people.

Volunteering Gold Coast Transport Services provides door-to-door pick-up services in a mini bus or station wagon and transports clients around the Gold Coast, allowing them to maintain their independence in their own homes.

Mr Conn previously worked in painting, decorating, and security services before deciding to donate some of his time to volunteering.

“I made the decision to volunteer as a driver seven years ago when I read about it in my local newspaper,’ Mr Conn said.

“I have worked in a variety of different industries and roles during my career, but becoming a volunteer has been the most personally satisfying. It’s such a good feeling to be helping disadvantaged people in the community.”

Volunteer drivers transport clients to medical appointments, social outings, visits with friends and family and a variety of programs and community events.

“My job is to pick-up clients that are unable to drive, and transport them safely to wherever they want to go,” he said.

Mr Conn encourages other people to take the step into volunteering.

“Don’t be afraid to try it out and see for yourself,” he said.

“It’s a great opportunity to meet new people from all walks of life and develop self-confidence and pride. The highlight of my day is hearing the great stories my elderly clients share with me. Sometimes I am their only human contact for the day and they are very happy to chat with me and have a few laughs.”

For more information visit our Become a Volunteer page.

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