Volunteering the most satisfying role of Jack’s career
September 8, 2015
Seven years as a volunteer
June 7, 2016

A chance encounter at the front of his home turned into a new career in volunteering for David Edrich.

“I noticed the Volunteering Gold Coast van at the front of my apartment building,” said David. “The driver was dropping a passenger home. I chatted to him, found out about the community transport service, and decided to get involved.”

After a career in accounting and shopkeeping, the volunteer driver role was new for David. “I had previously done some volunteer work at the local bowls club, but driving passengers was something different,” said David.

Inspired to give back to his community, David said, “Working with Volunteering Gold Coast gets me out of the house and allows me to make a valuable contribution to the city.”

Volunteering Gold Coast’s Shared Transport provides a door to door service for eligible clients over the age of 65 and people with a disability to attend medical appointments, shopping trips and social visits. Fares are capped at $5 each way, regardless of the distance travelled within the Gold Coast.

“I enjoy taking care of our passengers – some clients make regular use of our service, so it’s great to see familiar faces, and also meet new people, each week. I get pleasure from helping out, and our clients are so appreciative of the service we offer.”

Volunteering Gold Coast Transport Services are always seeking volunteer drivers to transport eligible clients around the Coast in its fleet of modern, branded cars and buses. Full training is provided. A current, clean driver’s licence is required.

Find out more by visiting our Become a Volunteer page.

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