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Volunteering Gold Coast Transport Services is a unique and dynamic organisation and an ideal partner in a sponsorship deal with your company. As well as being a registered DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient - i.e. all donations are 100% tax deductible) organisation we are a 'Not-for-Profit' business working for and with community organisations and local sporting clubs.

When sponsoring Volunteering Gold Coast Transport Services all funds are seeded back into the community both locally and through outreach offices to maintain the high standard of services. We have redesigned and modelled our Sponsorship packages into three groups to suit different options and budgets.

Transport Sponsorship Options

Volunteering Gold Coast Transport Services is an accredited 'Community Transport Provider', offering a range of transport options to assist eligible people to get to destinations throughout their community.

Our Transport Services are delivered by a fleet of more than 30 vehicles to help ease congestion on our roads, providing an environmentally friendly and cheap means of transport for our clients and for those in need. Our drivers hold a Driver Authorisation, First Aid Certificates, Federal Police Checks and Blue Cards.

Our vehicles do over 100,000 trips a year and have available space to advertise your company now. By purchasing the rear window space on one of our vehicles your company immediately has maximum exposure across the community, including:

  • 85-90% of vehicles on the road (weekdays).
  • Daily hours of operation from 7- 3.30pm (approx).
  • More than 1.1 million kms traveled annually.

Our BBQ Trailer is out in the community a minimum of 3 times per month during summer and at least twice a month during the winter. Used at various fundraisers, events and social gatherings your signage on this trailer immediately offers great exposure to a wide range of people and places. Sizes of space available include:

  • 7100mm x 1600mm side.
  • 2000mm x 1600mm back.

Our storage trailer is used to transport clients' belongings and is another great way to get your branding recognised. The spaces available are:

  • 1800mm x 1200mm on the side.
  • 1200mm x 1200mm on the rear.

Multimedia Sponsorship Options

Supported by a dedicated and passionate marketing team, Volunteering Gold Coast and our outreach offices are at the forefront of multimedia communication. Speak with us to discover how we can tailor packages to suit your needs. Call our head office: 07 5526 0688.

Emails are a quick and easy form of communication. With hundreds of emails sent each day from the Volunteering Gold Coast Transport Services and our outreach offices you company's logo would be instantly reaching a large audience with minimal effort, including:

  • Event Volunteers.
  • The wider general community.
  • Education & Training providers.
  • Community groups and organisations.
WEBSITE from $5,000
Everyday our website experiences a high volume of traffic and is a great way to expose your business to the local community. Share in the goodwill associated with our award winning charity through:
  • Logo placement.
  • Logo and a link to the website.

NEWSLETTER from $5,000
There are over 7000 people , community groups and businesses subscribed to our monthly newsletter. Newsletter opportunities include:

  • Logo placement.
  • Logo and link to the website.
  • Logo and link to the website and 70 words.

Community Services Sponsorship Options

Volunteering Gold Coast Transport Services aims to: develop, strengthen and connect the community by achieving excellence in volunteering for the mutual benefit of the individual and the wider community.

On duty our volunteers wear a polo shirt and cap / hat and there are sponsorship opportunities for your logo to be included:
  • Logo on  t-shirt.
  • Logo on cap / hat.

We host a number of events every year including: National Volunteer Week, International Volunteer Day, National Student Volunteer Week and International Volunteer Managers Day. A variety of sponsorship opportunities are available, including:

  • Prize Sponsorship.
  • Banner placement during events.
  • Radio, print and television exposure.
  • Invitations, nominations, tickets.


EXHIBITIONS from $2,000

We attend a variety community expos across the Gold Coast and outreach areas. Your company logo can be included in the promotional materials, including:

  • Flyer distribution.
  • Banner placement.

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